On March 8, 1970 several Brethren and Sisters met together in White Settlement, Texas for the purpose of organizing and constituting the Church known as the White Settlement Primitive Baptist Church. After due consideration by the assembled presbytery, it was agreed upon to constitute this body of believers into a Church. A solemn dedication prayer was offered by Elder Paul McClain and a very sacred charge was preached to the newly organized Church by Elder Henry Cash. Elder Gerald Stanford was elected to serve as the Church’s first pastor.

On March 16, 1986 the Church met in a special conference to discuss a new building site in Lake Worth as well as a building design. After discussion, it was agreed upon to contract with in- tent to buy approximately one acre of land located at the corner of Osage and Shawnee Trail in the city of Lake worth. It was fur- ther agreed to accept a preliminary pencil-sketched L-shaped building plan.

The White Settlement Primitive Baptist Church met In regular conference on July 6, 1986. A motion and second were made to change the Church’s name to Indian Oaks Primitive Baptist Church. The motion was passed unanimously.

We believe that God had a purpose in allowing us to relocate to where we are in the community today. It is our sincere desire that we will be a light in our community and will be able to be in- volved in serving the Spiritual needs of our neighbors in Lake Worth.

We are located at 3229 Shawnee Trail in Lake Worth and meet every Sunday morning at 10:30.

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