Only He Could Stop A Funeral Procession

She was now all alone. There was no one in her family nor of her acquaintance that could help her. She had relied during the twilight years of her life, after her husbands death, on her only son for support. But now he was dead also. And the procession was leaving through the gates of the small town of Nain with men carrying the bier covered with flowers and cloth supporting the body of her son. In just a few moments they would be at the grave, he would be interred and then she would be without any help whatsoever.  
Your problems may not be as dire as this unnamed widow but they are personal and seem very severe to you. Maybe your problems are financial in nature. May be the one that has promised to be with you until death has now had a change of heart and mind and he/she has left you alone. Maybe you’ve tried hard to raise your children in a Christian home but they now are of age, have left the safety and sanctity of your home and the world has led them astray to your distress and tears flow unceasingly from your eyes. Or maybe your health has deteriorated so badly that your strength, your hope and your finances are gone and you think no one cares and you have no hope.
If any of these situations are a thousand other bad possibilities is now your lot may I be allowed to bring you some good news. Jesus Christ is at the gates of your life and He will give you courage and support that will carry you throughout all of your situations. He is aware of your needs, He is aware of your tears and as David tells in a Psalm, He has placed your tears in a bottle and holds them in His loving hands. He knows your needs and He is faithful to help.
Unknown to the widow, help in the form of Jesus Christ her Saviour was entering through the gates of the city and he was moved with compassion by her needs. As the disciples and a great crowd watched, Jesus stopped the procession and touched the bier carrying the dead body of her son and He said, “Young man I say unto thee, Arise” (Luke 7:14). And the young man sat straight up and began to speak and the now alive young man was delivered to his mother. Small amounts of speculation is needed but can’t you just hear the shouts of joy from the widow. Can’t you just imagine she screaming, My son is alive, he is alive. And the scripture says that fear came upon all that were in attendance and they glorified God.
Though this wonderful story of grace and healing happened over two thousand years ago the promise of a loving, all caring, victorious Saviour is still very much alive today. He will uphold you during the worst of your problems. He will give comfort to the comfortless, He will draw those close who can feel no love and He will dry the tears from the eyes of those that cry without comfort. All is possible because He is the only one who can stop the funeral procession and raise the dead. Now how big, really, was your problem?

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