Our Pastor


Elder Larry Webb

Elder Larry Webb, Pastor

As Pastor of Indian Oaks Primitive Baptist Church, I am so thankful for the glorious way the
Lord is blessing our church. Men, women, boys and girls come together and the Lord allows His Holy Spirit to be manifest upon us and, for awhile, we worship Him. Following the simple teachings of the Scriptures, we meet at His house to worship Him in sincerity and truth. He has blessed our church with increased spirit and increased knowledge of our
Savior, Jesus Christ. He has allowed us to be fed with the meat of the Holy Word and the continuing blessings are just tremendous.

Indian Oaks Primitive Baptist Church is a growing congregation of firm believers in the Almighty God and Savior Jesus Christ. Our church is blessed to have all ages of believers active in our worship service where we seek to serve God in full accordance to His Holy Will as revealed in His Inspired Word. You will find that our worship services follow the simple New Testament scriptural pattern of congregational a cappella singing, prayer, and hearing the preaching of the glorious gospel of a Savior’s redeeming love for sinners!

At Indian Oaks Primitive Baptist Church we maintain that the family is a sacred institution established by God. We believe families should worship together both publicly and in their homes by prayer and the study of God’s word. The preaching at Indian Oaks Primitive Baptist Church is to the young, as well as the old, and all ages in between. We believe that the Gospel, when preached in the Spirit, will edify the child of God regardless of their age.

The Lord was walking with His disciples and they wondered where He lived. He invited them to see with this encouragement. “Come and see”. They stayed at His abode for the rest of the day and the fellowship and joy of being with Him was glorious. That is also my encouragement to you. Don’t just believe the words of a very thankful pastor. Browse our website and learn more about the doctrinal beliefs of our church and come and see for yourself. Please come to the House of the Lord and join us in the joy of worshipping and praising Him. Come and join us as we worship the “One True and Living God.”

“And Nathanael said unto him, Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth? Philip saith unto him, Come and See.” John 1:46

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